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spread your love, passions, inspiration, creativity & positivity….

With Sharing Spirit to Care!

Yes, it’s for you Mom..

It’s a place where Moms spread their Love, Passions, Inspirations, Positivity & Creativity with the Sharing Spirit to Care!


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“SmartMomWays Founded in 2014 from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with Love, Passions, Inspirations and Creativity full of Sharing spirit to care! Was more focused on writing and publishing especially on children and fiction books. Splendid with wonderful partners, whose then exploring their new passions. Wish you all the best partners, without you I will not be here today….. and

Welcome to all moms who have the same spirit, together we re-built! Let’s Share & Care cause Sharing is Caring!.”

SmartMomCommunity: official community of SmartMomWays

Is it only for Moslem?

No, off course not Mom :), any religion are welcome to join, cross culture cross community, let’s blend. Insyaa Alloh together we can bring more harmony to ourselves, our family and our society.

Is there any rule and guideline to follow? The do's and don't?

Yes indeed.

We have different type of engagement. Mom may start as a member, with no obligation to share and or contribute.

Later when Mom, really have the passion to contribute, join us as a Contributor.

and Once you more comfortable, join us as SmartMomCommunity Committee.

All type are free… 🙂 Just send us your Love…

Is there any Reward?

Oh yes, of course. Current Rewards:

  • Every 50 Good Quality Article
  • Mom Eligible to get FREE LICENSE of DIVI
  • Which you can use it for your website or Blog, as long as it using wordpress
  • Yes, Divi is a website builder
  • You may check the price in Divi..

*)Limited Seat, so grab it fast Moms..

What else can we get?

Insyaa Alloh a lot, as long as you have the spirit and passion to learn, you will earn more and more…

  • Sharing tools and resources
  • Opportunity with SmartMomCommunity Partner
  • and more.. stay tune to get updated

Where we can follow smartmomcommunity?

You can found us on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Tiktok
  • WhatsApp Group
  • Telegram Group
  • the best is here, on the website 🙂

Founded in 2014, why so little article published?

Thank you for noticing it :)..

Our first website build in where we have as well our book store (digital) release, but as the book availalbe in Kindle and Gramedia, and due to certain issues with our database, we need to rebuild. So as to have all in the same page we move in

Slowly … hopefully soon will be full of love..

Is there any offline meet up?

Yees.. in certain location and area, depend on our contributor, committes and member.. You may organize with your small group and cheer up..

Meanhile we recommend to limit the occasion due to covid..

Stay Safe, Stay Home, and always precatious…

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"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture & transform."

--Diane Mariechild--