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It’s a place where Moms spread their Love, Passions, Inspirations, Positivity & Creativity with the Sharing Spirit to Care!

Are You Mom?

Join us to build the community, silaturahmi, share, care and influence other to do so. Our missions is to support women fulfilling their multiple role in life as well as embracing self-love physically, mentally and spiritually.

SmartMomCommunity in Fammi

Partnering with Fammi

SmartMomCommunity event sharing & talks also available in Fammi, Family Education Platform No. 1 in Indonesia, which accessible through their website or application both Android and iOS.

Join our Weekly Talks Live every Friday at 08.00 PM

Event is Free, on Instagram @SmartMomCommunity

Founder & Committee

Meet Our Founder & Committees

SmartMom Community Committee

“If it takes a village to raise a child,

It takes a village to support that child’s parent”

SmartMomCommunity: What will we do together?

  • Working toward your Personal Branding and how to unleash your potential;
  • Manage Internal & Eksternal Program toward Moms Growth on:
    • Productivity I Parenting I Health & Beauty I Mind & Soul I Education I Family & Kids I MomPreneur I Finance
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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

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Partner SmartMom Community
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Partner SmartMom Community
Partner SmartMom Community
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Officially: Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia

 Available: Worldwide (Join us from the comfort of your Home )